Group and Private Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

We are a private pool owned by St Francis Sports and Social Club located behind Southdown’s Park and run swimming lessons seven days a week. Our pool is 18m long and 6m wide offering a great environment to teach all ability levels. The pool is 0.9m at the shallow end and 1.6m at the deep end. Most sessions will have two classes running alongside each other. Classes will be sectioned.
Our current terms run for ten weeks following WSCC term dates and group swimming lessons cost £90.00 per term. Should pupils join after term starts you will only be charged for the remaining lessons of the term.
All of our teachers are qualified either by the STA or ASA. All teachers hold a rescue certificate and have DBS checks.

ADULT & BABY CLASSES 3 MONTHS – 2 YEARS (maximum 8 swimmers)
We run Adult & Baby classes Monday to Friday between 09.00-12.00 and Sunday mornings. Class times vary depending on the day. All of our classes are run by fully qualified parent and baby teachers. Lessons are a great way to bond with little ones and our focus here is for the enjoyment of the parent and child attending. Lessons include songs, toys, games, floating, and submersions (offering a gentle approach for new starters and monitoring and progressing for those that have had lessons before). Teachers will explain and show parents different holds to help their baby gain water confidence. Classes will be grouped by children of a similar age. Classes can be adapted to suit the needs for all abilities.

ADULT & TODDLER CLASSES 2 YEARS – 3 YEARS (Maximum 8 swimmers)
Adult and Toddler classes run Monday to Friday between 09.00-12.00 and Saturday and Sunday mornings. These classes involve songs, games, basic swimming skills, water safety and water confidence. We will introduce different aids into the lessons so that children can start to be more independent in their swimming. An adult will need to be in the water with their child. Classes will be grouped by children of a similar age and can be adapted to suit all abilities.

These classes run Monday to Friday between 09.00-12.00 and early Thursday afternoons and are a gentle transition from Adult & Toddler. Each class has a maximum of four children to one teacher in the water. Adults do not have to come in the water for these lessons. Our Pre-school classes teach basic swimming skills, water safety and confidence. These classes are recommended for children that will soon be starting school as they will prepare children for our after school lessons. Children aged three years that have not attended swimming lessons are encouraged to join our Adult & Toddler course first.

(Waiting lists for this level)

We run after school classes Monday to Friday between 3.45-6.30pm. Two classes run at the same time in different areas of the pool. Beginners classes are in the shallow end with a teacher and pool assistant in the water.Goldfish, Angelfish and Shark levels will be in the middle/deep end of the pool with a teacher on poolside.
From January 2017 our Lessons will follow the STA Swimming Programme. Levels can be found on their website (Click Awards – then international learn to swim programme for levels).

Beginner classes – Octopus 1, 2 and 3 (Maximum 6 – 8 swimmers. Teacher and Pool Assistant in the water.)
These are small classes with six pupils (for Octopus 1) and are run in the shallow end of the pool. Octopus level 3 will be introduced to deep water. Teachers are in the water and classes will also have a pool assistant present in the water.
Improver classes – Goldfish 1, 2 and 3 (Maximum 8 swimmers. Teacher on poolside)
These classes can have up to a maximum of eight children and are run in the middle / deep end of the pool. Teachers are poolside.
Advanced classes – Angelfish 1, 2 and 3 (Maximum 8 swimmers. Teacher on poolside)
These classes can have a max of eight swimmers and swimmers should be able to swim 12m lengths of all four strokes.
Technique classes – Shark (Teacher on poolside) Maximum 12 swimmers
These classes can have a maximum of 12 pupils and have the use of the whole 18m pool.
These lessons run for 45 minutes and cost £120 for the 10 week term. These classes are run by our level 3 swimming coach Nick Mutalama.

ASA to STA conversion chart.
For children joining from another swim school that used the ASA programme, below is a conversion table. This is a guideline only and all children will be assessed in their first lesson.
New ASA National Plan STA International Learn to Swim Programme
Stage 1 Octopus 1
Stage 2 Octopus 2
Stage 3 Goldfish 1
Stage 4 Goldfish 3
Stage 5 Angelfish 1
Stage 6 Shark 1
Stage 7 Shark 2/3

We run most of the above lessons on a Saturday and Sunday between 08.30-14.00. Class times vary on the day and ability level.

(Waiting lists for some classes)
We currently run adult classes on a Friday evening.
Adult Beginners 19.00-19.30
Adult improvers 19.30-20.00 pm (must be able to swim 10m+)
These class our run by our level 3 swimming coach Nick and level 2 swimming instructor Katie.
During term-time we only have limited space for private lessons on weekends subject to availability. Private lessons booked during term-time must book for the whole term. This holds the pool space.
If pupils require a few one-to-ones these can be booked during the holidays where we have much more pool availability.
1-2-1 lessons are charged at £25 (30 minute lesson)
2-2-1 lessons are charged at £30* (30 minute lesson) *price change from 10 April 2017

All enquiries and registration form requests must be emailed to